About us

Rent our classic VW campervan from Castlerock Classics in the heart of the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland.

We are a husband and wife team who are fortunate to live in Castlerock, a lovely village by the sea. From a combined love of fun, classic vehicles and the beauty of the Causeway Coast and Donegal we founded Castlerock Classics. We have so many happy memories of holidays and days away with our family and dogs exploring this wonderful part of our world and we would love to share our experiences with you.

Rowena says, “Alistair has a real passion for lumps of old tin (as my father would have said) and I always knew that he was a content and happy man when his feet were sticking out from underneath an old car”.

Alistair says, “Growing up in Belfast, some of Rowena’s warmest memories are her childhood holidays in Donegal. She loved the gentle driving along those winding roads and marvelling at the views, still as beautiful today as they were then”.

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